Jack H. Healey, M.D.
Cool fact about Dr. Jack Healey: Served as a U.S. Navy flight surgeon, flying in jets on and off aircraft carriers around the world.

Dr. Healey pursued his medical training at Georgetown University with a full medical school scholarship from the United States Navy. He has served as assistant physician for the MLB Houston Astros, NBA Houston Rockets and University of Houston football team, and has served as the orthopedic team physician for Grand Valley State University since 1998.  He has had a lifelong passion for playing all sports. In spite of having hip surgery himself, and despite diminishing skills, he still plays men’s league hockey and slogs through a few 5Ks a year. With three children, Dr. Healey and his wife now spend more time taking their kids to their hockey, baseball, football, track, cross-country, cheer and horseback riding activities.

Note from Dr. Healey

To my patients,

As cliché as it sounds, my own love of playing sports fuels my desire to treat and help return injured weekend warriors and athletes back to the activities they are passionate about. As I was about to complete my internal medicine training at the Naval Hospital in San Diego, a rotation in orthopedics gave me the opportunity to “snap” a few wrist fractures back into place. I was hooked, and changed the course of my medical career.

It can be difficult to see the devastating consequences of injury and the recovery from any necessary surgery. However, there is no reward greater for a surgeon than to see his patient recover, strive for their goals and achieve their dreams.

I look forward to helping you with the same enthusiasm, whether you are a competitive player or a person whose love is tending a garden or walking your dog.

Jack Healey, MD