Kevin R. Kane, M.D.
Cool fact about Dr. Kevin Kane: He likes to build and refurbish computers.

Dr. Kane reports that orthopedics “blindsided” him during his first rotation of medical school. It was a chance to apply his love of mechanics, woodworking and engineering to his medical career. Today, he enjoys his time as an orthopedic educator, imparting the joys of medical practice and orthopedic care. He and his family have participated in mission trips for medicine, construction and safe water supply. He also maintains an interest in Boy Scouts and enjoys traveling with his wife to see their grown children.

Note from Dr. Kane


I completely enjoyed nearly everything about my orthopedic surgery residency. I was particularly struck by the huge benefit joint replacement offers to patients with end stage arthritis. It amazed me that such a surgery can restore people to productive lives when their arthritis has limited them severely.  I believed that I would be able to help many patients by concentrating a portion of my practice on correction and reconstruction for patients with severe knee and hip arthritis.

Orthopedic surgery allows us to help people go from having severe disabilities and pain to living full lives again, often in a matter of weeks.  It is a remarkably fulfilling experience for me to be part of the healing process.  It makes me wonder why all doctors don't want to be orthopedic surgeons

Patients are the real reason for my success.  I am continually amazed by the perseverance, grace and ability of my patients as they face difficult problems and long recoveries.  It is really what makes this career so rewarding. 

I consider it a privilege to participate in your health care.

Kevin Kane, MD