Tim D. Henne, M.D.
Cool fact about Dr. Tim Henne: His sports medicine fellowship included care for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

Outside of orthopedics, Dr. Henne enjoys being a dad to his three kids, and is married to a primary care physician. He enjoys sports, but notes “with each passing year, the athletes I treat are a little faster – and a little younger – than I am!”

Note from Dr. Henne


I have to say that the sports medicine fellowship I completed, as mentioned above, was a great year. It was a memorable experience to work with outstanding collegiate and professional athletes. It was also a priceless chance to focus on advanced arthroscopic reconstruction, and rehabilitation of knee and shoulder injuries. Naturally, we learned a lot about techniques that speed recovery. I was excited as I realized that many of the techniques that applied to speed the recovery could benefit common non-athletic injuries as well.

Part of the reason I elected to pursue fellowship training was that I wanted to improve my technical skill. The other part was that I wanted to bring this training back to Grand Rapids.

I am a faculty member in the Michigan State University residency program in which I trained. During my residency, I had the opportunity to work with orthopedic practices in Grand Rapids. I chose to join RVO because of my admiration for the other physicians in River Valley Orthopedics. I remain impressed by my colleagues’ expertise, and dedication to their patients, and am proud to be a part of this tradition.

Tim Henne, MD