Tim R. Lenters, M.D.
Cool fact about Dr. Tim Lenters: He once high jumped 6 ft. 7in.

When Dr. Lenters isn’t working with patients and innovating breakthrough orthopedic techniques, he enjoys spending time with his wife, twins - son and daughter, and the family’s growing pup. His hobbies include fitness, cycling, P90X, golf, spending time in the woods and enjoying time vacationing with his family.

Note from Dr. Lenters


I chose to specialize in orthopedics because I saw multiple positive opportunities in the field: the ability to bring dramatic change to patient’s lives; the chance to constantly learn new medical care treatments, surgical techniques, orthopedic technology and devices; and the opportunity to teach residents and other physicians.

The shoulder creates multiple challenges. I relish the opportunity to help develop and teach innovative treatment options. I was the first shoulder subspecialist in West Michigan.  This allowed me to fulfill a void in the West Michigan area at the time. I have been with River Valley Orthopedics since 2005. It has been fulfilling to bring a level of expertise previously unknown in the area.  I continue to bring new technologies and surgical techniques to my patients in an effort to achieve more reproducible and excellent outcomes.  I look forward to working with you!

Tim Lenters, MD