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Our foot and ankle surgical specialists are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of both chronic foot and ankle conditions and acute trauma.  You will undergo a thorough evaluation so that we may come up with the correct diagnosis.  A plan of treatment will be offered.  Some problems can be managed conservatively.  This may include physical therapy, foot orthoses (inserts), bracing or splinting.  If necessary, our surgical specialists will recommend and perform the most appropriate surgical intervention.

In order to best understand your problem, you may have to have appropriate xrays performed.  Even if you have had xrays, they may not be adequate for a proper evaluation.  We ask that you bring a pair of shorts with you for your exam.  If you have inserts or braces, or if you are an athlete, or require special foot gear for work, please bring these particular items with you for your exam.

Common foot and ankle problems we treat include:

•Fractures or dislocations of the ankle and foot
•Sports injuries or overuse syndromes
•Tendon repair and tendon reconstruction
•Reconstruction of foot and ankle deformity
•Management of foot and ankle instability
•Chronic problems related to ankle sprains
•Arthritis due to trauma, Rheumatoid or primary arthritis
•Collapsed arches
•Excessively high arches
•Bunions (hallux valgus)
•Heel pain

For more information check out this site:

Foot/Ankle Physicians